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10 anglicismos en el español que utilizamos a diario

It is possible that, when you have a conversation in Spanish, you are not aware that a good part of that dialogue is actually being held in English. You do not believe it?

Try thinking for a second about words like “e-mail”, “ok”, “blog”, “hobby”, “clip” or “show”. Maybe for some you don’t even know how to find a synonym in Spanish. And, surely there are more than 10 Anglicisms in Spanish that we use every day. What is an Anglicism? An Anglicism is a linguistic loan from English to another language. They can be the product of a poor translation of a written or heard word, but they are also adopted to give a name to a word that does not exist in the target language.

Its use is common among young people due to the use of new technologies and the permanent connection with the culture of other countries, although it is increasingly common to hear people of all ages using these expressions in their colloquial language. The most surprising thing is, without a doubt, reaching the conclusion that some of the words that we have always used come directly from English speakers, especially in the world of fashion, sports and technology.

Many of them are even approved by the RAE, so you can use them without feeling like you are disrespecting Cervantes’ language. 10 widely used anglicisms in Spanish

Here are 10 examples of commonly used anglicisms

Although you surely know many more that you could no longer or would not want to live without.

Bar . Establishment where drinks are served after a show. Could you say it another way?

Lifting . Stretching, usually of the skin, performed in cosmetic surgery.

Monitor . Computer screen, different from a television screen.

Pantyhose . Stockings that cover women’s legs, and that even grandmothers call that.

Feeling . Chemistry or spark that arises between two people.

Shorts . Short or very short pants, which are shorter using just one word.

club . You will also not find another word to define this group of people.

Leader . Leader or leader of a group. How does it sound better?

Snack . Snacking is not as satisfying.

Smartphone . You can call it a smartphone, but it’s certainly not the best way to display intelligence.

The debate opens because of those who see anglicisms in Spanish as a threat to traditional words

Well, they think that in this way the uses of terms in our language are harmed. And it is true that some words could be harmed, but others simply lack a logical translation.

In any case, there are many officially accepted words in Spanish that have their origin in English. Because you won’t see anyone talking about football when they want to talk about football, or about a corner when a player is going to take a corner.

Language evolves, so it is always better to open your mind and learn, than to close it and lose the opportunity to enrich ourselves as people.

If you really want to learn English, visit our English academies in Madrid and start one of our courses now!! 👌😉

Exam Madrid Team
Exam Madrid Team
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