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Cómo enseñar a hablar a un bebé dos idiomas

We live in a globalized world where knowing languages ​​is increasingly important. It is not enough to be able to communicate in our own language when developing countless professions. Opening borders also implies the need to be able to talk to people from anywhere in the world. Obviously, it would be almost impossible to know each and every one of the languages ​​used in the world, but there is one that is considered the universal language: English.

Life would have been much simpler if they had known this language from a young age, and it is much easier for a baby to completely assimilate a second language and become bilingual. For this reason, at our English academy we believe that it is recommended that, if you have children, or plan to have them, you start the learning process as soon as possible. But do you know  how to teach a baby to speak two languages ? We tell you.

What is the process for a baby to be bilingual?

Teaching two languages ​​to a baby  can be relatively easy or complex, depending on each case and situation. The ease that the child will have in learning both languages ​​is unique, although he will surely master both with the passage of time. Most likely, she will learn one language better than the other, which is called the dominant language, but with practice and perseverance she will have no problem expressing herself indifferently in either of the two.

If one of the parents is a native English speaker

The only way to guarantee that a child will be bilingual is to use both languages ​​with the same frequency from birth. To do this, it is necessary that at least one of the parents is a native speaker of English, and that they always speak to the child in their mother tongue. Thus, if each of her parents always speaks a language, the baby will acquire that knowledge effortlessly and without realizing it, to perfect it as she grows up.

If neither parent is a native English speaker

If neither parent is a native English speaker, the process will be more complicated, but also possible. It is not enough  to speak English well  for the child to be bilingual, but it can serve as a complement to other methods. In this case, you can always use a native caregiver or courses and workshops, which offer specific programs for children.

Resources for a child to be bilingual

For the baby to learn more vocabulary, expressions, etc., there are some very useful resources that are very easy to access.

  • Reading aloud is one of the best exercises for a child to be bilingual. In addition, books in English for children are very easy to find in libraries, on the internet or in any bookstore.
  • Children’s songs in English are perfect for improving their comprehension and word association, as well as being great fun for the little ones.
  • Movies and series. Of course, you can’t miss children’s programs, cartoon series or movies with which they will learn much faster.

By following this process, your son or daughter will be bilingual when he or she grows up. As you can see,  teaching a baby to speak two languages  ​​is possible by being constant and making a daily effort. If you do not have a sufficient level of English to be able to teach your baby, she should start studying English at a professional academy as soon as possible. Your little one will thank you when she grows up.

Exam Madrid Team
Exam Madrid Team
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