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Consejos para pronunciar en inglés

Many times we have acquired knowledge of a language, however, when the time comes to put it into practice we find a great barrier: pronunciation. With these tips for  pronouncing in English from our English academy in Madrid  you will learn some tricks to improve your communication and lose embarrassment.

Learn to pronounce English correctly

  • The main thing is to listen. Nowadays the possibilities are enormous, from courses adapted to all types of levels to watching movies and series in their original versions. Not only will you learn to pronounce and adapt your ear, you will also be able to learn word games and typical expressions of Shakespeare’s language.
  • Practice especially difficult words and tongue twisters. By exaggerating your pronunciation, first slowly and then faster, you will learn to move your lips and tongue automatically in a short time.
  • Speak clearly and slowly at first, when you have acquired fluency you will be able to rehearse sentences at a normal pace.
  • Songs are also a good way to practice. Many times we can articulate much of the lyrics phonetically, however it is best to consult the original lyrics and sing whenever possible.
  • To establish knowledge, it is best to constantly talk to people with English as their native language. Look on chat platforms, if you have taken a course abroad use Skype to avoid losing contact.
  • Locate spaces where meetings are organized to talk with natives. In many cities, meetings are organized to encourage dialogue with foreign people, the best way to learn while relaxing with a beer.
  • Subtitles can be very useful at first, but try to forget them once you start to understand fluently. Straining your ears will help you understand and fix the correct pronunciation.
  • Phonetic transcription also helps a lot. If you don’t know the symbols of this type of writing, simply write the words as they sound correct to you.
  • Some studies claim that to fix a word in memory it must be written, heard or pronounced at least seven times. Pronounce several groups of words insistently and you will not only improve your pronunciation, you will also memorize it forever.
  • Force the pronunciation at the beginning. Exaggerating is a good way to lose fear and embarrassment when speaking a foreign language.

These are some learning techniques for pronunciation. If you have any questions or suggestions about our tips, you can leave us a comment on our blog.

Exam Madrid Team
Exam Madrid Team
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