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Cuáles son los mejores lugares para aprender inglés del mundo

Learning English is something basic and necessary to be part of a world that is increasingly globalized. It is possible to know most of the secrets of said language thanks to quality studies that increasingly begin in early childhood. However, it is impossible to reach the maximum point of mastery of a language if you do not fully live in one of the places where it is an official language. So, what are the  best places to learn English  in the world?

Where to learn English abroad

Studying English abroad  can be highly recommended to increase knowledge and live a unique experience, since it also offers the possibility of getting to know a different place and culture. Surely the  countries to learn English  are not unknown to you, so you will only have to compare their advantages to decide on one.

United Kingdom

The birthplace of English with perfect accent and diction. One of the most common destinations for Spaniards due to its physical and cultural proximity to our country. Destinations like London, Cambridge or Brighton are perfect for learning very academic English, although they have the drawback that most are quite expensive for long stays.


Ireland is the second country most chosen by Spaniards to learn English due to its similarities with the United Kingdom and the important advantage of being cheaper. One of the most common options is to stay with a host family, taking care of the children at home or performing other tasks, which further reduces expenses and makes learning the language easier. In this case, the city of Dublin is the most recommended to spend your stay.


If distance is not a problem for you and you want to venture into learning a slightly different English, your best option is to go to the United States. Some of the best-rated cities for a good apprenticeship are Boston or New York, although there are a world of possibilities depending on the experience you want to have.


Although it does not differ too much from what you can find in the United States in terms of price and type of life, the advantage of Canada is that its English accent is more neutral and less crowded than the neighboring country. Toronto and Vancouver are the most recommended cities to spend your stay learning English.


As the last option in terms of the most important and recommended countries, there is Australia. This place is different from the rest for several reasons: the first is that it is less economical than the rest due to its remoteness, the second is that it offers a very pleasant climate and population that will make you feel at home. Do not hesitate to go to cities like Melbourne, Auckland, Adelaide or Sydney, but be careful with the strong accent of most populations if you do not want your learning to be marked for the worse.

Have you already decided which is the  best place to learn English ? Start packing your bags and tell us your experience when you return. We are waiting for you at Exam Madrid Academy .

Exam Madrid Team
Exam Madrid Team
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