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Qué es el genitivo sajón en inglés y cómo se usa

All of us who have learned English throughout our lives have asked ourselves the same question at some point, what is the Saxon genitive ? Surely the name sounds familiar to you, even if you have never studied Shakespeare’s language, however despite the fame of his name, mastering it requires a peculiar study, since there is no equivalent in Spanish. Today, from our English academy in Madrid , we want to show you what it is.

What is the Saxon genitive?

In reality, it is a grammatical construction that denotes a possession relationship, simple as that. The Saxon genitive is not the only way in which we can denote possession in English, the particle  of  is also used in this sense, as well as the different possession pronouns in English ( mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, theirs ) , but of course, each of these grammatical formulas has its peculiarities and is used differently.

In reality, when we try to answer the question of what a Saxon genitive is, we must take into account all kinds of variants. In general, it is mostly used in the following three cases:

  • It refers to a person. Mary’s husband is Italian.
  • The subject is an animal. The lion’s teeth.
  • It is about a specific place.  Spain’s museums are amazing.

However, although these are the three common and accepted uses, the Saxon genitive is also used for temporal expressions such as in the phrase  A week’s wait  .

On the contrary, we could say that as a general rule the particle of is used when the possessor is an object and what he possesses is something abstract such as a quality, as in the phrase  the color of my car is red.

In any other structure in which a possessive relationship is denoted, we can say that both constructions are correct, in fact they are normally used interchangeably.

Construction of the Saxon genitive

The grammatical construction of the Saxon genitive is very simple, it is enough to identify the possessor ( butcher) , add to this subject an apostrophe and a  final and then indicate the thing that is possessed ( knife)The butcher’s knife.

These are the bases of the use and application of the Saxon genitive. As we say, when we consider what the Saxon genitive is and how to use it, it is necessary to know it and its peculiarities, but with this quick guide to use you will have enough information to start including this possessive formula in your exercises.

Exam Madrid Team
Exam Madrid Team
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