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Cuáles son las mejores series para aprender inglés

From our English academy  Exam Madrid Academy , we reaffirm that watching series on television or through the Internet has become one of the hobbies of the average citizen. We spend hours and hours in front of screens, consuming fictional stories on all the topics you can think of, living adventures that could not happen in the real world. So why not take advantage of all that time invested in learning English? Of course, for the purpose of learning English you have to leave aside national fiction, but it is possible to find a few international series with which to improve vocabulary and the ability to understand dialogues. Keep reading if you want to know  which are the best series for learning English .

Best series to learn English

Although not all of them are suitable for all levels, here you can find a list of the  best series for learning English  that you should start watching as soon as possible. Always remember to use English subtitles, or better yet, not use them. What you should never do is watch them with Spanish subtitles, because you would pay more attention to reading than to understanding the language.


Although it may seem too childish to you, the truth is that this Spanish production series can help you strengthen simple and closer vocabulary. It is very easy to understand in its English version, and the chapters are short and accessible enough to be able to practice English anytime, anywhere.

The Simpson

Another of the quintessential animated series is the one that tells the adventures of the yellow-skinned family. It wouldn’t be strange if you knew by heart most of the episodes broadcast endlessly in Spanish. Therefore, it can be very positive to start watching them in English, to see how much of that everyday language you are able to understand.

Mad Men

This series, set in the 1960s, will be very useful for practicing your American accent. The numerous audiovisual-themed dialogues may seem overwhelming at first, but they will be useful to expand vocabulary and to gain a deeper understanding of the culture of the time and the country.

Game of Thrones

Little can be said about the series that has managed to dazzle thousands of people around the world. It has the advantage of a very varied cast, so you will learn to distinguish the different accents of the regions of Great Britain, and you can learn to threaten in another language, which never hurts.


And of course, if we talk about success and fame, there is no other series like Friends. If you have not seen this indispensable series, which is extremely rare, it is time to learn about the adventures and misadventures of this group of friends from New York. The main advantages for learning English are the variety of topics, the use of the most common and casual vocabulary, and conversational English that will be very useful.

how I Met Your Mother

The successor to the previous one, which has all its advantages, adding the fact that it is more current, so it is another good alternative for learning vocabulary and everyday uses of the language.

Downton Abbey

This series set in the 20th century is a perfect opportunity to learn the purest British English, thanks to the careful accent of its actors and the vocabulary used, typical of high society. This is a series for people who are at a more advanced level of the language, to be able to get the most out of the dialogues and situations.


Finally, as a series to acquire a more complex vocabulary, you have this story that tells the adventures of an unconventional Sherlock. Also perfect for practicing the British accent, although the moments in which Sherlock uncovers mysteries will be quite a challenge for you.

The best thing about all these  series for learning English is that they offer very varied topics, so you can always find one to your liking and the level you need. Of course, keep in mind that you must start from a good grammar base to understand the dialogues. What series do you use to  learn English  and improve? Tell us.

Exam Madrid Team
Exam Madrid Team
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