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Utilidad de las traducciones juradas

A sworn translation is a document with official legal binding carried out to translate an official document. The  usefulness of sworn translations  is very varied; there are many situations in which a document is valid exclusively in the official language of the country in which it must be used.

Situations in which a sworn translation is required

  • Birth certificate: A certificate of this type is very common for many legal relationships. Age is used to carry out binding contracts and it is necessary to provide a document that proves the real age of all participants in a contract.
  • Marriage certificate: If you get married in a foreign country and have previously married, it will be necessary to provide the previous certificate. This document must be legally translated.
  • Death certificate: Essential for contracts such as inheritances. The death certificate of a third party is essential to claim rights to an inheritance.
  • Transcript certificate: It is just one of the possibilities. Most educational institutions require transcripts or degrees. A document similar to the title is not necessary, simply an sworn declaration on the validity of the title in the language claimed by the competent authority.
  • Medical certificates: Sometimes a medical certificate contains specifications about the patient that every doctor should know. A sworn translation guarantees that the translation is correct and that therefore the corresponding treatment adapted to the patient can be carried out.
  • Balance of accounts: There are many companies that must present their balance sheets in several countries. Having an accounts document in the necessary languages ​​allows processes to be clear and fast. The work of an official translator guarantees the reliability of the result.
  • Contracts: All types of contracts can be translated and sealed by an official translator. This declaration will be an annexed part of the legal bindings of the contract.
  • Driving license: Within the European Union you can drive with a community license. In the case in which you need a permit for a country outside the European Union, in some cases you must attach a document that confirms the validity of the card.
  • Registration: The registration certificate can be translated to show that a person has been residing in a certain place.

These are the most common cases in which a sworn translation is usually needed. If you know of other cases, you can tell us about them in the comments section of the blog. We look forward to your comments at Exam Madrid Academy .

Exam Madrid Team
Exam Madrid Team
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